The Path - Prologue

The Path - Prologue beta 1.1.7

Eerie interactive horror


  • Very atmospheric
  • Original
  • Great introduction to the full game


  • Short
  • Not much to do

Very good

The Path Prologue is a little introductory demo to the full game. Inspired by the tale of little red riding hood, it's an atmospheric horror game.

The Path is very unusual, so releasing Prologue is a good idea. You play a young girl, and are instructed to walk to Grandmother's house, and not to leave the path. You're surrounded by an eerie forest, and while you can indeed just walk along the path to the house, it's hard to resist having a look around.

It's not an action game at all, and there isn't really anything to do, but it's strangely compelling just exploring. You can collect flowers you find, and discover what's lurking in the forest, but it's much more about the atmosphere and sense of foreboding. The sound effects are excellent, and the graphics work really well. The focus of the graphics comes and goes, and the colors transform at certain points in quite a disturbing way! There isn't really anything quite like it, or anything to compare it to.

The Path Prologue is a unique game, and can be recommended on that alone. It won't be to everyone's tastes, but it should give you enough to want to know what happens in the full game.

The Path - Prologue


The Path - Prologue beta 1.1.7

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